When it comes to Regulated Medical Waste (RMW), let a Viradys Disinfection Unit (VDU) save you time and money on disposal costs.   With nearly 2 billion pounds of biohazardous waste generated each year in the US, companies are faced with storage issues, increased costs, and environmental concerns.  Take back control of your waste, and your money, today!

Introducing Viradys® Medical Waste Solution

Viradys Medical Waste Solutions, LLC has created a cost-effective, on-site alternative treatment method for managing RMW commonly found in hospitals, health-care, biopharmaceutical, and other industrial settings.  Each VDU is customized to fit a clients needs and is a “greener and cleaner” way for companies to manage their waste.  In addition to being a safer and more efficient method, a VDU will help a company work towards any site waste reduction goals.


Save time and disposal costs with a VDU. No need to store or pay for medical waste companies to process biohazardous material for you when you can treat your Regulated Medical Waste on-site.


By shredding and disinfecting the waste, a VDU will help improve employee safety while lowering potential environmental risks in a few simple steps.

Eliminates Storage

All states have regulations regarding the packaging, storage, and transportation of Regulated Medical Waste. With VDU, you can shred your waste, disinfect it, and dispose of it with your regular facility trash.  However, the waste has now been processed in a way that has prepared it for certain recycling opportunities, which can help your facility increase sustainability efforts and keep your waste out of the landfill!

Same Day

With a VDU system on-site at your facility, you can safely treat your biohazardous waste at any time of day


Virady’s offers a revolutionary way to dispose of your medical waste with efficiency, reliability, and affordability.


  • On-Site Unit customized for your facility
  • Shreds and Disinfects Regulated Medical Waste, Sharps, PPE, Vials, etc. with volumes up to 32 96-gallon Totes per 8 hour shift.
  • Significant reduction in RMW handling which improves safety for employees and patients
  • Storage area can be reclaimed for other purposes
  • VDU safety features
  • Only authorized personnel have access
  • System auto stops if unauthorized attempt made to enter VDU
  • Closed system – all disinfected waste contained in VDU and compactor

Green Technology

  • Patented Green, Eco-Friendly Technology
  • Dry thermal heat closed system
  • No Water, no Steam, no Chemicals used
  • No re-introduction of used sharps containers
  • Meets or exceeds all State Alternative Waste Permitting
  • Lab certified disinfection to 6Log10 (2PPM) or better
  • No special air handling permits required
  • Reduction up to 85%+ of RMW volume equals reduction at landfill
  • Compactor further reduces volume of post treated material
  • Outdoor placement – Dock or parking lot configurations

Cost Savings Benefits

  • Fixed monthly leases
  • Eliminates being overcharged per pound and trucking charges
  • Eliminates paperwork and document storage
  • Saves Labor Costs
  • Maintenance is included for the rental-lease period which includes system efficacy monitoring 24-7.

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