Viradys Disinfection Unit

Our Process

The Viradys Disinfection Unit® eliminates employee and patient risk, challenging the logistics of storing “red bag” waste and sharps containers on-site and awaiting pickup from a third-party disposal company.

It is a fully-integrated, patented, shred-to-disinfection device with high-volume capacity. This capacity allows hospitals and other medical facilities to process Regulated Medical Waste and sharps safely on-site, all within minutes of the waste generation. The VDU can process up to 6,000 pounds per day and is entirely self-contained, simple to operate, and includes a tote lift system that automatically lifts and deposits red bag waste, sharps boxes, or other Regulated Medical Waste containers. We recommend the hospital or medical facility designate employees to operate the machine.

Step 1


The designated employee loads full totes of RMW into the ergonomic-designed lift, eliminating any manual loading of waste.  The tote lift can only be operated by a trained employee with an access code.  Safety interlocks prohibit any workers from accessing the inner workings of the VDU.

Step 2

Shredding & Disinfecting

Once started, the VDU will shred the waste to the customers specifications, and then automatically feed the shredded material to the disinfection chamber where the waste will be processed at a set time and temperature to achieve a 6 Log 10 kill rate or greater.

Step 3


Once inactivated, the shredded waste exits the VDU to a disposal container that can be customized to fit a clients needs.  Shown here, the site was recycling this shredded material and paired the VDU with a colocated compactor.

With the Viradys Medical Waste Solutions technology, the Regulated Medical Waste and sharps are processed and disinfected at the hospital or medical facility’s site. Our method reduces the volume of the RMW, accelerates the disinfection time to minutes and eliminates the need for handling, transportation and disinfection by a third-party processor. The result is a significant reduction in cost.