The name Viradys pronounced “Veer-a-dis” is a derivative of the Latin words Green and Disinfection.

Viradys Medical Waste Solutions, a South Carolina based company, was created to introduce on-site regulated medical waste and biohazard treatment at hospitals, labs, and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities in an effort to combat the ever-growing issue of waste being sent to the landfill.

This patented technology takes advantage of the fast and simple to use shred-to-disinfection availability brought by having the Viradys Disinfection Unit located at the site of waste generation.  By bringing this safe and efficient technology on-site a customer can take back control of their waste, and move away from the older management methods of storage, transportation,  and waste manifests, all while reducing labor and disposal costs and increasing sustainability numbers.

Michael Green

President & Chief Executive Officer

Linda Green

Vice President, Administration

Kevin Berry

Director of
National Sales & Marketing